How to manage your warehouse easily

LibertyCommerce7 International really makes it easy for you to manage your warehouse.
On only one page you can indicate - like in Excel - the list of articles with descpriptions, article numbers, quantity, value and category.

At the end of the list you can find the warehouse value (calculated on either the average prices or the purchase prices, depending on your setting), the total number of articles and the total number of copies entered in the article master data sheets.

At the top of the field the products of a single supplier, a single category or a single warehouse can be indicated.
Of course the programme also offers a search function, by means of which you can search for your desired article among the descriptions. All warehouse movements are registered in the option “Movements of Warehouse”.

The transfer posting of articles into the warehouse is also really easy. You just have to click on “New”.

A window opens, where you have to enter all the data necessary for the storage. The yellow fields are compulsory, they must be filled out.
Once you have entered the VAT and the purchase price of a product, you can also indicate surcharges expressed as a percentage. Adding the VAT, the final gross price is indicated on the right next to the percentage.

You can also enter price-lists with already fixed gross prices, that is, prices including the VAT, and thus cut the VAT from the programme. The percentage of the surcharge is calculated automatically.

Apart from the manual entries in article master data sheets, the products can also be entered with the booking of an invoice or a delivery receipt. That way, the quantity of articles and the purchase price get up-dated. If the purchase price varies, the final price of the products varies on all the price-lists, too. If you want to avoid this effect, just click on “fixed price”. The price-lists can also be calculated from the average prices. This depends on how you set the programme.

With this system you can always keep an eye on your inventory stock and the warehouse value.

LibertyCommerce7 Int. therefore proves to be indispensable for the management of your company.


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