Statistics and calculation of totals per period

Indispensable for having the company activities under control, useful also for future prognoses: the statistical module of LibertyCommerce7Int. offers everything you need regarding statistics and totals of your company!

To grant a complete functioning of the module you need to insert the invoices on the assets and liabilities side correctly. Besides, the data of at least 2 months have to be available.

The inserted data are indicated in the form of graphs or lists with numbers.

LibertyCommerce7Int. also offers the possibility to set up a ranking of the 20 most important customers with their respective turnovers. Besides, the payable VAT, the monthly incomes, the expenses and the respective losses or profits can be observed very accurately.

With the statistical module your items can be surveyed also for a determined period. Thus you can discover, for example, which article sold best in one month, how many items were sold and how high the profit was.

LibertyCommerce7Int., small but powerful, therefore relieves you of the never-ending calculations of complicated totals or average values. It is also very easy to use, novices do not even need to read the manual!



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