"As easy as pie!" is the philosophy of LibertyCommerce7 International

Our philosophy is simple. We aim to offer you absolutely free management software that will help you start up your company during the present crisis.

The software contains many options, such as the management of the warehouse/inventory, the booking in and booking out of items by means of delivery notes or invoices, the sales to the public and many more. The good thing about it is that LibertyCommerce can be used by everybody, even by people with little experience in informatics, because of its complete manual and its easy user interface.

The international version of the programme, LibertyCommerce7 Int., is about to follow the same path that its Italian corresponding version has already put behind itself: for advertising reasons Liberty Line has decided to give away the international version for free! That way users can get to know it and thus gain trust in our products.

In every country there is always a great number of companies in the field of commercial programmes that offer each a different solution. Therefore it is of course difficult for new companies to assert themselves and make their mark, unless they have the necessary means or have already been well-known for years.

This is why Liberty Line resorted to the method of giving away one version of the software some years ago and in the meantime has managed to sell more than 2500 copies of the following versions. The original version in Italy was version 5. Those who had tried out this original free version could thus get to know the programme and then, as many did, change to the follow-up software, which offered more options and was up-to-date.

What you need to know:

The version 7 Int. is free and can be used without any limitations in time, number of sales or number of documents. All the updates we will make for the version 7 Int. are free, too. Customer service and technical advice are effected via E-mail only, as long as the programme is offered on our homepage. Whether one day you’ll decide to change to a new version, which will not be for free any more, or not, is completely up to you. There is NO OBLIGATION TO BUY!

The only thing you need to do to be able to use the programme is to register on our homepage. That way you’ll receive your customer number with the registration e-mail and we can contact the users of our software. Your personal data, however, will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be circulated. We will only use them to contact you when a new version of the software is launched.

Liberty Line srl cannot be held responsible for the loss of data or for possible damage occurring during the use of the software or the website. LibertyCommerce7 Int. uses an open database access without any protecting password.


No company, apart from Liberty Line srl, is authorized to charge fees for maintenance or assistance.


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