Outstanding payments with LibertyCommerce7 International

Guess what! You do not have to waste your precious time with the examination of outstanding payments any longer!
LibertyCommerce7Int. registers all invoices on the assets and on the liabilities side in “Outstanding Payments”.
On the programme interface the “Outstanding Payments” are divided in Assets and Liabilities. Graphically, however, the 2 sections do not differ in structure. The “Assets” refer to the list of the incoming invoices on the assets side, the “Liabilities” to the invoices on the liabilities side.

On the screen you find the various creditors and debtors arranged alphabetically in little folders. If you click on one of the folders, a list with all the outstanding invoices opens.

When a customer pays, you have to click on the folder and then on payment. Here you also have to indicate if the customer has paid the whole amount or only a part of it. If the amount corresponds to the one indicated after the saving of the transaction, the payment disappears from “Outstanding Payments” and appears in the Journal.
In the Outstanding Payments (Assets) you can also select a customer to whom a reminder will be sent automatically via fax or e-mail in the PDF format.


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