The warehouse is one of the main parts of LibertyCommerce7International. This can be thought of as a large database that can be searched and viewed rapidly. The warehouse allows a company to keep track of goods purchased and sold, to know when to reorder items, and to determine the price of all items and recalculate their price should their cost or tax rates vary.

LibertyCommerce provides fast and complete inventory management, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of a company in a simple but complete way. Options exist to show internal codes (IDs) for items or to link each item to a separate supplier ID (through the "Program Management" menu option).

The description of each item is also complemented by a note field that is displayed at the end of the list and is shown when an item is highlighted in the list. This feature is useful to distinguish among products with similar descriptions.

When no item is in the warehouse, the list will be empty.

If there is a list, it can be sorted : Clicking on a field name appearing in the heading of the list (e.g., Price) the list will be sorted by that field.
Double-clicking on a field name will reverse the sort order. This allows sorting by description, item code (ID), price, quantity or cost.


  • SUPPLIER: this filters the list by showing only the items from one selected supplier.
  • GOODS CATEGORY: This filters the list by showing only goods of one selected category.


This allows one to search the warehouse for a specific item. The item can be searched by code (ID) or by description. Click on "Show All" to revert to the complete list.

The "Print" menu contains the following items:

  • Print selected warehouse
  • Print selected price list
  • Print inventory

The "Options" menu contains the following items:

  • Export warehouse as CSV
  • Import warehouse from CSV
  • Make a copy of selected article

The "Show" menu has the following functions:

  • Show articles below minimal stock (displays all items whose quantity in the inventory is lower than the preset reorder point
  • Show all.(Show the complete list)

The main functionality of the Warehouse is as follows: