Point of sale

This option is needed by all businesses that work with detail sales to the public.
This option is a very complete and practical tool to access the inventory and all the items contained therein.
To enter articles into the dialog window, one can use three different methods.
First of all, one can click on "List" and choose the item to be entered.
Secondly, one can click on "Article code" and press the "F2" key. This opens a list of all the articles in the inventory.
Thirdly, one can scan the bar code of an item. If the reader is programmed to send a carriage return after the code, then the item is entered automatically.

The "New" key enters a new item row. This is also done automatically, by using the "Down Arrow".

After entering all the items, click on "Sell" or press "F10". A confirmation dialog will appear to select the payment.

Click on "Sell" once more, or press "F10" to complete the sale. The program will ask if a fiscal receipt is to be printed (if this option has been selected in the program configuration).

LibertyCommerce7International can in fact print fiscal receipts on rolls available at stationary stores.