Remote Backup

This is a novel support option.
The traditional backup method allows one to copy the program database on a file or at most on a removable medium.

With Remote Backup, the program database is saved on Liberty Line’s servers, allowing one the peace of mind of a remotely managed backup facility.
The backup is encrypted with a user-defined key, which allows complete security and confidentiality of your data, and as for the other backup options, it is performed automatically.
The server contains the 15 most recent backups.
The software allows direct retrieval of the files from the server, with an automatic decryption function based on the user-defined key, and once retrieved, the backup data can be installed as for any other local backup.

This function allows peace of mind and complete confidence in a reliable method to keep one's data remotely and safely. In effect, LibertyLine acts as a personal data safe.

This service is a subscription service on a 12 month basis.

It can be purchased directly with the purchase of the program or it can be purchased and activated at a later date, by selecting the "Acquire the service of Remote Backup"

This option will lead to a Web page with a service list and purchasing instructions.

Payment by credit card allows instant activation of the service being purchased.

Thus, after purchasing the Remote Backup service, the service will be available in the program upon exiting from the Purchase Additional Services screen.
Creating a backup as as easy as selecting "Create" in the Remote Backup dialog. Backup transfers are indicated by a cart-shaped icon located beside the clock in the lower right side of the screen.

To change the encryption password select the "Change Remote Backup Password" from the Options menu.

It is also possible to retrieve the list of remote backups in your "Personal Page".