Registration of a delivery receipt

Upon receiving merchandise items accompanied by a delivery receipt, which does not require an immediate invoice, it is necessary to enter all the information from the document into the program archive. The following is the required procedure:

  • Insure that the black dot in the "Type of operation" is beside the "Registration" option (red arrow).
  • Click on the "New" button in the lower part of the screen; a menu will show a list of documents that can be received.
  • Select "Delivery Receipt" and wait for the corresponding dialog box to open.
  • Insert all the information, one by one, in the corresponding fields.
    In general, receiving a delivery receipt is not a complex operation; in essence it requires the entry of some data into the program. The amount of data provided to the program will make it easier to retrieve information about a delivery receipt in the future. The following information will help determine the data used by the program, which must be entered, and any additional information, which is optional.

CUSTOMER : The customer name can be entered in its entirety or in abbreviated form. If more than one customer match the name entered, the program will show a list of matches from which to choose. The complete list of suppliers can be shown by pressing "F2". To select a name, double-click on it.

NUMBER: Document reference. If no internal reference is kept, enter the the external reference appearing on the delivery receipt.

DATE: Document date. LibertyCommerce automatically fills this field with today's date. If a different date is in the delivery receipt, use that date.

REASON FOR TRANSPORT: Choose the reason for transport from the drop-down menu.

CARRIER: Enter the name of the carrier.

RETURN: Carriage paid or carriage to be paid as shown in the delivery receipt.

APPEARANCE OF GOODS: Packaging type.

N. PACKAGES: Number of packages received.

DESTINATION: by default this is the destination entered in the supplier information sheet.

NOTES: Additional information like RMAs, references, etc.
The main part of the delivery receipt needs to be filled with a list of all the items received and the quantity thereof. This part is divided in three columns: "Article code (ID)", "Description", and "Quantity". The article code is the article-supplier code, which can be entered dirctly or chosen from a list by pressing "F2".

If the code is entered directly, LibertyCommerce will fill the description automatically it the item can be retrieved from the database, or open a new item information sheet if the item is not in the database.

If "F2" is pressed, LibertyCommerce will open the list of items from the supplier specified in the delivery receipt. The user must select the item by double clicking on it.
The "Description" of each item appears automatically, whereas the "Quantity" for each item must be entered as it appears in the delivery receipt.

NOTE: LibertyCommerce7International allows one to enter the cost of an item if it appears in the delivery receipt. This operation changes the "LATEST PRICE" in the item information sheet.

Clicking on "Delete" will delete the selected item. This can be used to make corrections to the delivery receipt.

Before clicking on "OK", it is important to ensure that all the information entered in the dialog corresponds to that in the delivery receipt. Clicking on "OK" will update the quantities in the inventory and store the delivery receipt in the program database, making it accessible from the "Document list" window. Since a delivery receiptis linked to a postponed invoice, it is important that the data entered in one document matches the other or the totals on the invoice will not match the totals in the delivery receipt.

Finally, by clicking on "Cancel" at any time while entering a delivery receipt, the entire operation will be aborted and no document will be created.