Registration of a deferred invoice

The receipt of a deferred invoice is connected to a delivery receipt. Therefore, before receiving a deferred invoice, it is necessary to have entered in LibertyCommerce the delivery receipt to which the deferred invoice refers. It is advisable to check for the existence of the delivery receipt before starting the receipt of a deferred invoice.

Hover the mouse pointer on "New" and then click on "Deferred invoice:. Confirm the selection and then wait for the invoice window to appear.
Pressing "F2" will allow one to pick a supplier from the list of suppliers. Subsequently, enter the document number, the day, the type of payment, and the expenses. Now it is time to enter the items, including prices, VAT rate, and discounts. The preferred method is to import a delivery receipt. This is accomplished by clicking on the "Import" button. A new window will open called "Import document".

NOTE: This document will not change the quantities in the inventory as it assumes that the quantities have been changed by a previously entered delivery receipt.


  1. To import a delivery receipt proceed as follows:
    Check that  the "Received" option is checked;
  2. Select the name of the supplier in the delivery receipt.
  3. Search for the delivery receipt using the scroll bars in the list of delivery receipts visualized in the list pane. The entries in blue have not been previously used for an invoice, and the entries in black have been imported previously. If more details on a delivery receipt are needed, click on it to select it and then click on the gray box beside the list pane; this will show the list of items in the document.
  4. After selecting the document to be imported, click on "Import Document" and confirm with "Yes" when requested.
  5. Click on "Close" to return to the invoice window.
    The list pane on the invoice will now display a list of items imported from the delivery receipt. Check that the data is correct, then enter prices, taxes, and discounts as required.

If there are several discounts for the same item, for example for cumulative discounts, enter them in the discount field and use the "+" sign to separate them.
The discounts will be used in the calculation of the totals with and without taxes. The totals are recalculated in real time; please check that they match those in the deferred invoice.
A click on the "OK" button will save the invoice and return to the list of documents. Beside the "OK" button is a checkbox named "Use this document in the VAT calculation".
If the taxes on this invoice have to be considered in the VAT computation that LibertyCommerce performs periodically as required to determine the VAT refund, this checkbox has to be checked. If taxes in this invoice cannot be refunded, or should otherwise not be considered, then this check box should not be checked. Click the checkbox to toggle its state as required.
A click on the "OK" button will result in the following:

  • The invoice will be saved and inserted in the document list;
  • The journal will be updated according to the information provided in the "Payments" window. The new values will be the sum of the values in the Journal, the Totals per period, and the VAT.

The "payments" window is shown by the program to record the advances or payments toward the document just entered. If the payment was on delivery, the date must be replaced with the date of the corresponding cash or bank withdrawal. If the payment is deferred in instalments, the date must be changed to the due date.
The "Advance" field must contain the total value of the invoice if it has already been paid, the amount of the advance deposited as guarantee, or nothing if the payment will occur in the future (as indicated by the due date). Enter the payment to allow a more precise recording in the "Journal".