Registration of a credit note

The credit note is a document issued by a supplier to reverse a wrong entry either partially or completely, possibly due to a mistaken invoice (totals or items).
The easiest way to generate a credit note for an immediate invoice previously received is that of selecting the invoice in question with a double click and then clicking on "Options" and "Transform this document into a credit note".

For example, if some goods have been received with an immediate invoice and subsequently part of them have been returned because defective, the supplier needs to issue a credit note for the amount corresponding to the goods being returned (less restocking fees if necessary).

Receiving a credit note may or may not change the inventory. This depedns on whether or not the items have been already removed from the inventory with the delivery receipt for the return of the goods to the supplier.
Therefore, a check box exists in the credit note: "Remove from the inventory".

Check this box only if no delivery receipt has been issued to return the goods, or else the items will be removed from the inventory twice.

When the credit note is received, it is important to check that the invoice to which it refers is received as well, not just entered. Subsequently, enter all the required information as described above.
If the credit note description has all the information previously entered in the invoice to be reversed, it needs to be imported from the archives and checked for exactness and if necessary changed to ensure it matches the reversal.
If instead the description is generic or present in part only, it makes more sense to copy them from the document being received. In both cases the totals of the document received by the supplier and the credit note recorded must be the same.
At the end of this task, LibertyCommerce will ask about the payment; this will need to be recorded only if it has already happened.