Labels - Bar Codes

There are two ways to print bar codes.

Firstly, when a delivery receipt is recorded, the program updates the inventory and then creates a "print queue" of all labels connected to the items in the document. The code printed by the program is the internal code of each item in the database.
The second way to create a label is to click on "New" and then selecting the items required from the list of items.

In addition to the bar code, it is possible to add information to the labels by selecting the "Configuration" menu item.

Below is the dialog to configure the text in large labels.

Below is the dialog to configure the text in small labels.

This dialog allows one to choose what to print below the code and what type of code to print. It is possible to select the internal code or the EAN code. It is also possible to truncate a long description to only one line of text.

PLEASE NOTE: The menu item shown below allows THREE choices (Internal code, article-supplier code, EAN code). In the first case (internal code) the internal code will be printed as a bar code, then in numbers. (If so desired the article-supplier code can also be added in parentheses). E.g. 12 (AF203778)
In the second case (article-supplier code)
the bar code is the article-supplier code (ONLY IF THIS CODE IS NUMERICAL) and below this code the article-supplier code will be printed in numbers In the third case (EAN code) the bar code will be the EAN code and the numbers below will be that same code.
This is because if the article-supplier code were to contain letters, the code would become too long to fit any label

It is advisable to use the internal code for the labels, as it is unique and sequential thus five digits will allow up to 100.000 items.

Other options allow one to choose whether or not to print the numeric code below the bar code, and whether or not to add description, date, price, price list to use for the price, and if VAT must be added or not. To print the labels click on "Labels management" in the main menu of the program.
Check that the labels to be printed are correct, and if some are not, select on them and choose "Delete".

Select whether to print the large labels or the small labels using the appropriate buttons. Small lables only contain the bar code, the product code, and the date of receipt in the inventory. Large labels contain the bar code, the article-supplier code, the product name and all the information in the small labels.

The bar codes can be read by a "CODE39" reader only.