While filling out information sheets of customers and suppliers, and while issuing or receiving any commercial document, one has to specify a payment modality. The list of payments contains all the payment modalities previously used and created, but it is also possible to create new payments or modify existing ones as needed.

To insert new payments proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the "Tables/Payments" menu. A new dialog window will open displaying the "Payments list" which initially will be empty, or it will contain a predefined list of payment modalities.
  2. Select "New". A new dialog window will appear where to insert the information on the new payment to be created. The information on the payment modality includes the name, the number of days allowed for the payment, the payment instalment, the invoice date option for the end of the month, and if a cash order will have to be generated.
  3. If more than one instalment is needed (for example three identical instalments at 30, 60 and 90 days from the date of the invoice), check the "Identical Instalments" checkbox and specify the number of instalments.

This will allow flexibility in payments but will also be shown correctly in the bill book.

use this procedure to add as many payment modalities as needed.

It is possible to modify an existing payment as well:

When the payment list is open, click on the payment to be changed. It will be highlighted in blue.

Click on "Modify". This will bring up a dialog window with the payment information. Make the necessary changes to it.

Click on "OK" when all changes have been made.

To delete an entry in the payment list, select it as described above, and then click on "Delete. Confirm your request by clicking on "OK".