New customer/supplier

To create a new customer or supplier proceed as follows:

Click on "New".

Provide all the required data.

Confirm the data entered by either saving it ("Save") or by saving and creating a new customer/supplier ("Save and New").

NOTE if the information only contains the name of the customer, then upon saving the program will use the name entered as company name as well.

Default settings

Every customer or supplier has default settings associated with it. This is used to speed up invoices or to remind users of special conditions afforded that specific customer/supplier.

Some options may need further explanation:

Delivery receipt with prices: Use global default, overrides the general default for a specific customer if not set, and uses the global default if set.
Discount: Allows to specify a discount rate that will always be applied to that customer/supplier.
VAT Exempt: Used for customers who are exempt from VAT. VAT will not be added in the invoices.

Do not forget the following:

check the appropriate checkbox indicating whether the data belong to a customer or to a supplier. This allows one to distinguish between customers and suppliers. Both checkboxes should be selected for customers who act as suppliers as well;

carefully check all the information as it will be used for official documents, including invoices and delivery receipts;

it is very useful to fill the bank locator information ,even though this may not be used directly by the program;

the "Notes" field may be used for additional information.

As new customers/suppliers are added, the list will grow until it will be necessary to use the scroll bars to navigate the list.

To print a list, ensure that the list is being displayed in the main window (customers, suppliers, or customers/suppliers). Then, select "Print" in the "Options" menu. The program will print the list as needed.

Please note that if filtering options are selected, these options will affect not only the list being displayed, but also the printout.

Default Settings