The "Journal" is a very useful tool for corporate accounting.

It consists of a survey, in which all the cash and bank movements are registered and listed chronologically. Once a point of sale is completed, once the payment of an invoice is issued or registered, the amounts are entered in the journal. Any differing accounting registrations have to be inserted manually and must contain a description, which can be reaccessed and used again for operations of this kind.


The following procedure illustrates the correct use of the journal:

Review existing entries in the journal:

Enter a date interval, or click on "any" to retrieve the entire list;

If needed, filter the entries by description by choosing it in the "Show" box. The default settings will retireve all entries in the last month;

Click on "Options" to choose not to distinguish each entry based on accounts incomes/expenses;

Click on "Read journal".

The window will be updated with the selected entries. Unless requested otherwise, all incomes are in black, and all expenses are in red. The amounts are computed by LibertyCommerce and shown in one of four columns:Incomes(c) and Expenses (c) for cash entries, and Incomes(b) and Expenses (b) for bank entries. The bottom row shows the totals.

An entry selected with a click of the mouse can be edited by selecting the button labeled "Modify" or by double-clicking that entry. It is also possinle to "Delete" a selected entry.

The journal can be printed. The printout can be used by the tax accountant to fill the ledger books as required by law.