How to issue a deferred invoice

Before issuing an invoice, insure that the program is in the 'Issuing' mode as shown by the green arrow in the upper right corner of the program screen.
Clicking on 'deferred invoice' will bring up a dialog screen.
It is then possible to search for an existing customer for whom at least one delivery receipt exists.

  1. IMPORTANT: Issuing a deferred invoice does not remove the items invoiced from the inventory as it assumes that they have been removed previously as a result of a delivery receipt.

After selecting the customer for whom an invoice must be issued, it is possible to specify the delivery receipt that relates to the invoice and the items in that document that are to be imported into the invoice.

After completing the mandatory fields it is then possible to insert the list of services and the VAT rate in the document.
When the invoice is complete, click on OK.

The program will ask whether or not the invoice needs to be printed immediately.