Issuing a credit note

The easiest way to create a credit note from an issued invoice is to open the respective invoice by selecting it from the list of issued documents and to click, after having opened it, on the drop-down menu "Options" "Transform document into credit note".

A credit note will be created automatically with all the fields from the invoice of departure. The credit note, which is not balanced at the moment of issuance, registers the incomes/liabilities regarding a customer in the Outstanding Payments.

The issuance of a credit note can operate or not variations in the inventory. This depends on the fact, whether the articles have been provided or not with the delivery receipt of return from the customer.

The increase of inventory can be effected directly from the credit note, by clicking on the check box " Load inventory quantity"


This operation can be effected only, if no delivery receipt referring to the returned article has been issued. Otherwise the article is loaded twice.

In order to issue a credit note you can also click on "New", "Credit note", then insert the customer and fill out the various fields.  

The article description, which is usually linked to the article code (internal or article-supplier code), can be transformed into a field where any information can be inserted, if no code is indicated.