Importing items from an Excel spreadsheet

This function is very useful to import items already existing as spreadsheet files.
The first thing to do is to save this spreadsheet file into a text file with specific separators.
The proceed as follows.

Import (menu)

The image above shows the initial import screen.

Select the file to import by clicking on the appropriate Choose File button.

After the file is selected, configure the fields as they appear in the file.
These fields can only be modified after the file has been opened..

Detailed options

The information on the file shows the name, the number of records in the file (line count) and the number of fields ready to be imported. To ensure this data is correct separation information must be provided.

It is important to insert the correct information on separators in this part of the dialog. The default separators are a new line for each record and a tab for each field.

It is possible to import a new inventory erasing the old one or to merge the old inventory and the newly imported one.

Any new supplier imported from the inventory may be edited further.

The price list calculation is performed according to the default settings. This choice will determine whether the price list is computed using the average cost or using the last price and supplying the markup percentages. These percentages will remain fixed for the entire imported inventory.

If some of the fields are missing, default values can be specified.

This combo box determines which fields will be imported.

The choices are as follows:

1. Description
2. Code supplier-article
3. Supplier name
4. Type of goods
5. Stock
6. Location of wraehouse
7. VAT percentage
8. Purchase price
9. Average price
10. Date of average price
11. Price list A
12. Price list B
13. Price list C
14. Price list E
15. Price list F
16. Price list G
17. Price list H
18. EAN Code
19. Annotations about the article
20. Picture name (if set, the picture files must exist and be in the default directory)
21. Units of measure
20. WEB sheet notes

One click on "Preview" will open a preview screen of the import. The fields are named according to the user preferences. It is also possible to assign an empty field.

The lights
The annunciator light (similar to a traffic lights signal) shows whether or not it is possible to make an import. A green light shows no problem; amber means that some records are not able to be imported; and red means that the import can not be performed.