How to proceed after the installation

The first thing to do as soon as the program has been installed is to create a user with full permissions so as to protect the data from unauthorized access. Keep the password in a safe place; if the password is lost it will be no longer possible to access the data.

The next step is to create at least one supplier and one item category.

At this point, it is possible to fill the warehouse. This can be accomplished in several different ways: through a delivery receipt, through an instant invoice, or directly in the inventory.

The warehouse form has some mandatory fields in it. They are the name of the good being stocked, the supplier code, the VAT rate, and the item category.

If the inventory form is used to add new items to the warehouse, it will be necessary to provide the purchase price (without taxes) in the last price field.

It is possible to insert a percentage value that will be used to automatically update the price list for the items (gain per item).

It is also possible to specify a picture and a description for each item.