Goods Categories

It is possible to assign a category to any item in the warehouse, which makes it possible to sort items by category for browsing or printing. For example, a video store may choose to assign categories to all items based on the genre: Thriller, Horror, Action, Science Fiction, etc. Thus, it is possible to look for a specific title in any one category without the need to browse the entire content of the inventory.

To create the list of Goods Categories, proceed as follows:

Select the "Tables" option from the Main Menu;
Select "Type of Goods"; a similarly titled dialog will open. The first time this dialog is open, it is empty.

Click on the button labeled "New" and type the name of the category in the field that just appeared.

Click on OK to confirm the creation of the new category.

Repeat this sequence as needed for each new category.

The "List of Categories" dialog provides an option to change or delete existing data. This leads to the same type of dialog as described previously.

If while adding new items to the inventory, one realizes that there is no suitable category for a particular item, it is possible to type the new category in the category field; the program will warn that no such category exists and prompt the user to add it to the existing category list. Clicking on OK will update the database.