Documents Administration

This option becomes useful after the program has been used to issue a few documents, which become all accessible from this option screen. This is very useful to obtain summaries quickly.

The available options are as follows:

  • Receive/Issue invoices
  • Receive/Issue delivery receipts
  • Receive/Issue credit notes

This dialog gives a great deal of information:

The reference number for each document being displayed, either issued or recorded, always with a special code prepended to it. The code determines the type of document: "II" is the code for immediate invoice, "DI" for deferred invoice, "SI" for a services invoice and "DR" for delivery receipt.

  • Document date;
  • Customer or supplier legal name for issued and received documents respectively;
  • Subtotal in the document;
  • VAT on the subtotal;
  • Total amount (including taxes).

It is possible to choose an option on the right side of the screen to choose received or issued documents; to sort the documents by date of issuance/reception, name, amount, or date; to filter the type of document to be displayed (e.g., only invoices) or the date period to be considered.

As options are field-sensitive, ensure to have selected the field on which to operate before choosing an option.