Did you know...

This section of the manual contains a list of hints and tips on the program that will help maximize its performance.

  1. Using the arrow keys to highlight an invoice allows one to open the invoice just by pressing the ENTER key. Pressing the ESC key will close the invoice window without the need to use the mouse. This works for all other lists as well.
  2. Deleting the currently highlighted invoice will make the cursor go to the previous invoice, which can then be deleted as well if so desired.
  3. Pressing the DEL key will delete the currently highlighted invoice.
  4. When a list is displayed, it can be sorted by field. To do this, click on the heading of the desired field. Double-clicking on the heading will revert the sort order.
  5. To print a copy of an invoice, or to send the invoice by e-mail, right-click on the invoice to be printed or e-mailed, and select the appropriate action from the context menu that will open beside the mouse pointer.
  6. The home directory of each company can be moved anywhere on the hard drive. This can be accomplished through the Company management option. Changing the home directory of a company is useful to put a company on a removable support like a USB drive, or to store it in a network directory.
  7. The database backup can be put in any directory or remote drive by clicking on the Options menu and then on the Set Backup Directory item. Once set, this parameters will be remembered by the program.