Customer and Supplier management

This menu option shows a dialog similar to the warehouse screen. The list shown contains all customers and suppliers entered in the database. The upper and lower part of the dialog window contains buttons to enter a new customer and to change or delete an existing customer. It is possible to delete a customer even if invoices for this customer already exist (issued/received).

The main functions in this dialog are as follows:

  • New (creates a new customer)
  • Change (modifies a customer)
  • Delete (deletes the selected customer)
  • Search (search for a specific customer. Partial name matching is enabled)
  • Show all (displays the entire list sorted as previously determined)

Click on a field heading to sort the list of Customers/Suppliers by that heading. Double-clicking on the heading will reverse the sorting order.

The same system employed in the warehouse management section is employed in this window as well.

Selecting a customer displays the list of the documents connected with that customer. the green documents are issued, and the red documents are received.

NOTE: if a click is made on the domain name of a supplier, a browser window will be opened pointing to that domain. Similarly, if a click is made on a supplier's e-mail address, the default e-mail client will create a new e-mail to that e-mail address.

The "Options" menu has the following options:

  • Print customer list (prints the list of customers and suppliers)
  • Export Customer/Suppliers list as CSV (this option will convert the list into a comma-separated values file compatible with most handheld devices).