When a delivery receipt is received but especially when it is issued, it is important to specify the carrier. This could be the sender, the receiver, or a third party (a carrier). In case a carrier is specfied, enter the complete information on the carrier (name and address). The lsit of carriers can be prepared in advance, for better efficiency while entering documents.

To enter a new carrier, choose "Tables" and then "List of carriers". This will open a dialog window with the following fields:

Name:: Complete company name of the carrier.

Address/city: Complete address with city of the carrier.

Phone/FAX: Not mandatory, but useful.

Note: Free-form field for additoinal information such as carrier codes, subscription numbers, etc..

Please ensure that the address specified in the carrier information is the same address of the location with which your company is working. LibertyCommerce will use this data to print the delivery receipt, and therefore any error or omission will invalidate the delivery receipt.

The options "New", "Modify", and "Delete" are used in the same way as for any other list in the program.

Use the horizontal scroll bar to show all the fields in the list.