FAQ - (Frequently asked questions)

Can I open the database of LibertyCommerce with ACCESS2000?
Absolutely not! Every attempt to open or close the database with ACCESS2000 makes the database INCOMPATIBLE with the programme. So please do not undertake this operation.

I have to import Excel price lists, is it possible?
Yes. Export the tables containing the data in CSV format from Excel into the programme LibertyCommerce. Then click on the option 'Import price lists' under the File menu.

Can I print lables with barcodes for the products?
Of course you can print lables with barcodes. However, the barcodes have to correspond to the codes given by the software or to the supplier's codes. Besides, they have to be alpha-numeric, that is, consisting of numbers and letters (code 128). The lables can be printed diectly on DIN A4 pages or on paper with self-adhesive lables (still DIN A4). You can choose how many lables you would like to print on one page. (lines and columns)

Can I plug in a barcode reader, which is compatible with the programme?
Sure. You can plug in any USB reader, which can be run by a keypad. Just plug in the reader and use it!

I have arrived at the invoice N° 200. Can I continue at N°201 with your software?
Before issuing the first invoice, LibertyCommerce7 Int. asks you at which number you would like to start. The default number is 1, but you can simply type "201" over it.

Can I skip invoice numbers?
No. The programme automatically follows the numeration and is resetted only at the end of the year, when it starts again from N° 1 . The same is valid for delivery receipts.

Can I link several computers on the net by means of LibertyCommerce7 Int, all working with the same database ?
Of course. Just make sure to buy the corresponding number of copies, after having inserted your customer number. Then install the copies on the corresponding computers, always using the same customer number. In order to divide the archive, you also have to divide the directory, in which the software is installed and saved. After that, you have to create a new "Company" and search for the file libertycommerce.mdb . Select the file by double-clicking on it. Now the "Company" will appear, with the network connection written next to it. From now on all operations done by the linked computers will be equal to those effected by the main computer.

How many programmes can be linked to the network ?
Maximum 6.

Can I do a backup of the database ?
The default setting of the software is to save one backup a day in an internal directory. The backup can also be saved on an external data medium, for example a USB stick.

What does "Remote Backup" mean?
"Remote Backup" is a new service, which Liberty Line offers to all LibertyCommerce 7 Int. customers. This service allows you to conduct an automatic backup and to copy your own archives compressed and encoded into a personal directory on the Liberty Line server. After having selected a password, you can save up to 20 backups on our server, using this password. You can restore the backups at any time by clicking on "Personal page". Download the backup by clicking on it and restore it using the password chosen before. This service costs you 49€ a year .


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