Estimates of costs with LibertyCommerce7 International

LibertyCommerce7 Int. offers you the possibility to create estimates for your customers. These estimates can be saved and later, if desired, be transformed into invoices.

The window showing the list of the estimates also indicates the code and the year of the estimate, the customer's name, the date of issuing and whether the estimate has been transformed into an invoice or a delivery receipt.

In contrast, the window below shows the details of an estimate selected from the list:

At the bottom of the window you can find the buttons to either create a new estimate or to edit or cancel a former one. Besides, you can transform estimates into invoices, delivery receipts or sales to the public by clicking on “transform”.

If you search a particular estimate, you can find it easily, either by inserting its number in the upper bar or by selecting the corresponding name of the customer from the pull-down menu.

You can also sort the indicated data according to your preferences, by name, by code or by date, depending on what you click on in the bar.
The estimates are completed just like the other documents. Right after their completion and storage they are printed automatically. Of course you can print them again later, by going to “estimate” and clicking on “Print” in the pull-down menu.

How to create an order with LibertyCommerce7 Int.

The creation of an order is basically similar to the creation of an estimate. However, with the creation of an order you book a certain quantity of items. The ordered quantity is indicated in the article file card, as well as in the list of goods next to the list of all the items available in the inventory.

That way you can always keep track of your movements. If you issue an invoice or another document, for example, you see immediately that, if you have 10 articles in the inventory, of which 6 , however, are already prebooked by various orders, you have only 4 at your disposal.

Orders, as well as estimates, can be editted or transformed into an invoice at any time.

In the section “estimates” the list indicates the estimate code, the date of issuing and the status (whether it has been transformed into an invoice or not).

After the order has been issued and saved (click on “save order”), it is printed automatically.


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