Document administration with LibertyCommerce7 International (Invoices and Delivery Receipts)

With LibertyCommerce7International you can finally create your documents automatically, thus avoiding errors.

The documents are numbered consecutively and can afterwards be editted without any problems.
If you create an invoice for the first time, you have to indicate with which number you want to start the numeration. At the beginning of a new year the numeration begins again at 1.

In the list of documents you can choose if you want to issue or book documents. Your choice is indicated by an arrow: a green arrow stands for issuings, a red one for bookings.

In order to create a new document, you only need to click on “New” and select the type of document. Every issued document is indicated in the list as an excel sheet. At the end of the list you always find the total number of indicated documents. On the right of the panel you can select different options and determine, for example, whether you want to deal with the monthly or with the yearly sales volume, or whether you want to consider the sales to a single or rather to all customers.

Clicking on any of the invoices, you can see its content below – you do not need to open the document.
Besides, the programme offers another really amazing function: You can send your documents in PDF format via e-mail. To use this option comprehensively, you need to have filled out the field “e-mail” in the customer's record card.
By clicking on this field, a PDF of the selected document is created automatically and your predefined e-mail programme opens. An e-mail with the customer's address and with an attachment containing the PDF document appears on your screen; the “subject” and the text field of the message were preset and filled out by you already in the programme. If you create a document such as an immediate invoice or a delivery receipt, the articles will be booked out immediately from the warehouse/inventory.

If you click on the red arrow, however, and thus select the option “booking of documents”, you can book the articles into the warehouse (through delivery receipts and immediate invoices) and vary the quantity. In contrast, the invoices for services or the deferred invoices do not entail any inventory adjustment postings. This results from the fact that the invoices for services refer to supplied services, advisory services and working hours; the deferred invoices refer to a preceding delivery receipt and therefore do not entail any inventory adjustments.


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